Winterlicious 2019

Why Winterlicious Could Decide Where You Live

An event as prevalent as Winterlicious may be able to change neighbourhoods.


It’s interesting how our generation makes decisions. Silly as it may sound, I have come across people who only walk on certain sidewalks because it’s where the cute dogs are walked by their owners. Or, only eat a specific restaurant because they have really nice plates. Our generation has a peculiar way of rationalizing.

More often than not, I hear my friends saying how happy they’d be if they lived next to their favourite places to eat. So it got me thinking, with Winterlicious 2019 coming up, I wouldn’t be surprised to see people making decisions of home ownership based on the top gastro-houses in the city. So here it is, the reason’s why Winterlicious may actually help you decide where you could live in the next couple of years!

(For those new to Winterlicious 2019, have a read here: Winterlicious announces 2019 restaurant list)

Our generation loves to eat

The rise of food and travel on social media has had a large impact on our lifestyles. Every week, local influencers release posts on the latest and greatest in the city. Eating at the best places gives us a chance to also visit new neighbourhoods. Some of us end up loving not just the food, but the area as well. It’s evident in areas like King West and the Danforth. Despite not being able to correlate this growth directly to the restaurants, the choice of neighbourhood of the current residents could likely be based on a past visit to a local spot.

Instragrammable plate
It’s ‘Instagrammable’

Some of our digital world would not exist if it weren’t for social media. Instagrammable restaurants have grown, as as written in this article by Adglow. Businesses are changing rapidly to accommodate this trend and Torontonians aren’t immune to it. The ability to influence the public is a powerful skill (check out this infographic). I would not be surprised if the neighbourhoods of Winterlicious’ top 10 is a criteria for some new home buyers.

Proximity to your social circle’s favourite spots

In our hustle-and-bustle type of lifestyle, it’s more difficult to find time to spend with our friends. We’re all guilty of the “it’s a little too far…” excuse on a Saturday night. For some that live close to popular local spots, you’re likely the home base for your social circle. Moving to a closer location will not only help the popularity of these hotspots, but perhaps the popularity of your new pad as well.

In short, the growing admiration of great food as well as the focus for a more prominent social media presence can no doubt can help shape Toronto’s neighbourhoods. With the help of Winterlicious, not only can we get a bite from the cities most renowned restaurants, but also get a taste of how it’s like to be a local in a different hood.

Here is a complete list of Winterlicious 2019 restaurants. Also, check out the various neighbourhoods of these great restaurants in my neighbourhoods page!

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