These Digital Nomads Live, Work, and Travel in a Sprinter Van – Via Dwell

These Digital Nomads Live, Work, and Travel in a Sprinter Van – Via Dwell



We chat with Lexi and Cody—the “van-trepreneurs” behind Dynamo Ultima—about what it’s like to live and run a creative studio out of their van.



The dynamic duo spend time in some of the most beautiful places, all while working hard to successfully run a business. After recently selling their first van, a 2016 Mercedes Sprinter Van, they are now ready to start the process of designing, renovating, and building an adventurous life in their new 2018 Mercedes model. Below, Lexi tells us more about their lifestyle, and the inspiration behind their latest revamps.


Dwell: Your lifestyle is so interesting. Can you tell us what a typical day is like for you living in a van?

Lexi: A typical day for us starts with us waking up wherever we were parked for that previous evening. That might be a gorgeous campsite, a serene state park, or a less desirable location like a parking lot.

We are digital nomads with a creative studio, so we spend the majority of our day working on branding projects, editing YouTube videos, writing content for our blog, or crafting digital products that teach people how to start a business. We spend a lot of hours working in our van with dreamy backdrops. After we’re done working, you can normally find us walking our dog, Zero, rock climbing, mountain biking, checking out local breweries, or snowboarding.



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