50 Brilliant Backsplash Ideas For Your Kitchen Renovation – Via Dwell

50 Brilliant Backsplash Ideas For Your Kitchen Renovation – Via Dwell



From “disco” tile to high-gloss glass, this parade of beautiful backsplashes will help you take your kitchen from average to extraordinary.


Whether they’re covered in elegant slabs of marble or intricate tilework, kitchen backsplashes are an important functional and aesthetic part of just about any kitchen—as a consequence, the options and ideas for backsplashes can seem endless.

The ideal backsplash should be designed to protect the walls behind a kitchen countertop from moisture, spills, and other messes, but should also work with your selection of countertops, flooring, cabinetry, and other items in the room. If your kitchen is on the darker side and lacking natural light, for example, a glass or light-reflecting tile might be the way to go, while a kitchen that lacks focus and color might need a brightly colored, decorative backsplash.

Ultimately, backsplashes come in a huge range of styles and options, from simple, inexpensive tiles for a kitchen on a budget; to easy-to-clean glass or metal backsplashes; to high-end, natural stone backsplashes—we’ll explore these ideas for kitchen backsplashes (and many more) below.


1) A Luxe Copper-Colored Backsplash




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