How a 27-year-old account director lives in 330 square feet – Via Toronto Life

How a 27-year-old account director lives in 330 square feet – Via Toronto Life


Stephanie Barsby, 27
Healthcare account director

Where: St. Lawrence Market
How much: $1,800 per month, plus utilities and parking
How big: 330 square feet


In June, when Stephanie moved out of her parents’ place in Port Credit and into her tiny Toronto condo, she had all sorts of space-saving ideas. Most of them didn’t work out. The shelves she bought were too large, and there just wasn’t enough space in the unit to slot away IKEA boxes or install new drawers. Even cookware proved to be a challenge in the early days: the kitchen has an oven so tiny that most full-sized baking dishes don’t fit into it.

Now, after a few months of troubleshooting, she says the space feels a lot bigger than it did when she first moved in. Her parents helped her build a kitchen table that was appropriately sized and her boyfriend gifted her a rack that could be affixed to the bathroom wall without cracking the ceramic tiles. Excess clothing and furniture went back to Port Credit or into her storage locker, and she learned to make use of the the east-facing balcony, which has views of the lake and the Distillery Distrct. “This space has taught me about organization and tidiness,” Stephanie says.

Stephanie’s kitchen table serves as a desk when she needs one. Her parents found the tabletop at a Habitat For Humanity Restore:



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